Gotta Bandage? Are you used to creepy,gory monsters that give you the heebie-jeebies & frighten the delights out of your kids? Well fear not,Because Boo Boo Monsters are here! Cover up cuts and scrapes while making new friends .A modern spin or classics Boo Boo Monsters are cute, approachable and fun-loving . . . . anything but scary.Wear them all, watch them glow & have fun!

Count Buckula:Often mistaken for a vampire, Count Buckula is really just a mysteriously pale dude with buckteeth, who wears a cape and medallion for that “wow” factor. He does it for the ladies… and they swoon.

François Stein: Like the smooth French gentleman that he is, François Stein always comes proper and has extremely good manners. Some think his scar is frightful, but we think it adds to his charm.

Miss Mum: Hailing from the UK, Miss Mum loves to walk with outstretched arms. Don’t be alarmed, she just wants to show you her manicure & give you a big hug!

Wolfgang: Have you ever seen a cuter werewolf with a cooler outfit? We think not. If he looks a bit frazzled & upset, it’s only because his mom woke him up from his afternoon nap.